About the author:

Isis M. Elijah "ICE"

was raised in the southern town of Tuskegee, Alabama.  When she became a teen she moved to Akron, Ohio (where she currently resides).  This is her first book of poetry.

"This book is dedicated to the families around the world that have lost their children, but especially their males.  Males are beginning to lose sight of their true value and worth.  Males carry on their family name.  Males initiate reproduction.  A true male presence is strong, firm, loving, and consistent.  This true male presence is so desperately needed, wanted, and deserved." - Isis M. Elijah 

HEY KIDDO is Isis' grandfather U.S. Federal Diplomat ALEX SOJA (located in the Dedication Section of 'Most Endangered Species'). 


In Isis' opinion, ALEX SOJA is the Diplomat of all Diplomats.  Her grandfather is a well
respected, world renowned, highly esteemed & regarded Federal Diplomat & Private Consultant.  ALEX SOJA's wife is Mrs. Millie Lee Woodson.       

Grandfather ALEX SOJA is a caucasian thoroughbred Italian.  ALEX SOJA is a professional, peaceful, and very generous family man.  
The private adoption agency performed DNA on Isis Mary Elijah & verified in fact that Alex Soja, former U.S. PRESIDENT Mr. William J. "Bill" Clinton, & BILLIONAIRE Ms. Oprah Winfrey are her biological parents & grandparents.  Isis was stolen from her grandmother Millie as a baby and illegally adopted.  Isis has only met her biological grandmother, grandfather, & Hillary Clinton's sister Carleen Fanelly.

Former PRESIDENT Mr. William J. "Bill" Clinton & BILLIONAIRE Ms. Oprah Winfrey along with Isis' siblings declined to be contacted or have a relationship with Isis Mary Elijah.

The private adoption agency gave the family the right to accept or decline contact during these proceedings. 

GIMME MANTRA:  Isis' grandfather does not believe in the "Gimme Mantra" which states "Where Much IS Given, Much IS Required."  He is an earner, so is Isis.  However, Alex Soja (who is a very wealthy business man) believes in sharing.  He is very giving, and globally shares everything with everyone.  Alex Soja always comes bearing gifts.     

EARNERS MANTRA:  What's mine is mine.  We share everything.  Earners get whatever they like...

BEST FRIEND:  Isis' best friend in the Dedication Section of her book is Amy Lucas

Please support Isis Mary Elijah "ICE" in her first endeavor as author in her new book prayerfully entitled "Most Endangered Species."

This book is dedicated to all men including white men.  For all people have at least one drop of black blood in them.

ICE is just like her grandfather MARS:  STRICTLY BUSINESS!


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