About the author:

Isis M. Elijah "ICE"

was raised in the southern town of Tuskegee, Alabama.  When she became a teen she moved to Akron, Ohio (where she currently resides).  This is her first book of poetry.

"This book is dedicated to the families around the world that have lost their children, but especially their males.  Males are beginning to lose sight of their true value and worth.  Males carry on their family name.  Males initiate reproduction.  A true male presence is strong, firm, loving, and consistent.  This true male presence is so desperately needed, wanted, and deserved." - Isis M. Elijah 

Please support Isis Mary Elijah in her first endeavor as author of her new book prayerfully entitled "Most Endangered Species."

This book is dedicated to all men including white men.  For all people have at least one drop of black blood in them.


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